1. My Pirate Life at the Adventures of the Valparaíso)
    In July 2016, I finally became a worldpacker thanks to my very first host Adventures of the Valparaíso, a project setting sail for a fair trade alternative. The project is run by the Dutch Captain Ulysses with the help of its core, professional and volunteer crew. Oh, and by the way, Pollison the cat secretly runs the boat to keep it afloat in the canals of Amsterdam!
  2. Sepanx Series trailer
    Sepanx is a millenial colloquial term for separation anxiety, which is usually used to caption posts with hashtags for a place or people to whom an individual has a strong emotional attachment. In this mini web serie, after five long years of not going back home, the character indulged herself to travel some corners of the Philippines, embracing it all. ​This is a non-profitable project. I do not own the music used in the videos.
  3. Sepanx Series: Episode 1 - Balikbayan
    I couldn't explain the doubts of me going back home again. But I still made a go. English, Filipino and Spanish subtitles available. Subtítulos en inglés, filipino y castellano disponible.
  4. Sepanx Series: Episode 2 - Paraiso
    Palawan is a paradise that can overwhelm you to different extremes.
  5. Sepanx Series: Episode 3 - Backpacker
    It's nice to travel alone, but when a flying cockroach attack you, it's better to have a friend by your side to laugh with. (I still can't get over with it. HAHAHA).