1. ​Recital Delicatessen "Neruda" trailer
    Recital Delicatessen: música, poesía y signodanza 3 Devils Felipe Loza ​Rakel R.R. (Arymux)
  2. Coco Dance Promo Vídeo para curso 2017-2018
    Para comenzar el nuevo curso, os presentamos este vídeo que hice en colaboración con Coco Dance. Para más info, contacta [email protected] o llama al número 659717689.
  3. Piattos TVC
    Piattos promo video is a Spot Astea (Ad Week) entry made by a group of students, each from audiovisuals, sounds, photography and animation department with distinguished roles. As an audiovisuals student, I was assigned for the direction and editing of this project. Idea was produced through the group's brainstorming and weekly meeting.
  4. Catfarm Open for Sign Ups
    ​Catfarm is a collaborative art project run by a purrrfect community, a collective in the beautiful south region of France, working, living, and growing alongside each other. This project offers the unique opportunity to ride a tractor, scavenge a scrap yard, and build a masterpiece together. Check out the link for more info: http://adventuresofthevalparaiso.com/catfarm/
  5. ASEBI: Motivar al voluntario
    Un pequeño vídeo social con la intención de motivar al voluntario. ​Colaboración con Mikel Unzue.
  6. S! Shampoo TVC
    S! Shampoo promo video is a class project for our TV Production class, being part of the TV show production. There's nothing bad about dreaming.
  7. Coco Dance Curso 2018-2019 Promo